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3 tips for making your meeting with the Pakistani Taliban a success


Meeting these assholes? Make the meeting a success.

Planning to meet the Pakistani Taliban for peace talks this week? Here are some helpful tips for making the meeting as productive and inclusive as possible.

1. Show up.

If the Taliban picks some people to represent it in talks with you and three other guys as part of a panel appointed by the prime minister, and then proceeds to send its reps to Islamabad to meet you, why not go the extra mile and actually come? It isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Just today, the Pakistani government failed to attend a meeting with Taliban representatives even after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had made the commitment last week. Any expert will tell you that getting to the meeting is crucial to actually having the meeting.

2. Keep your upcoming military offensive under wraps.

When experts agree that you likely just agreed to talks in order to see exactly who in government doesn’t favor attacking the group in North Waziristan later this month, while also simultaneously making it easy for that offensive to take place once the talks fail—which you assume they will—it doesn’t necessarily look great. Building up a military presence in the Swat Valley, as Pakistan is currently doing, may also come off as suspicious. Odds are the Taliban won’t want to meet again soon if they know you are about to murder their brethren.

3. Expect terrorist attacks.

Whether or not you keep the Taliban waiting for you in Islamabad for three hours, it’s very likely that attacks on civilians will continue to go strong. Considering the fact that in 2013 the Pakistani Taliban killed 732 civilians, you should assume that things won’t be slowing down even if you do meet.


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