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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Raving lunatic deserves a shot at Secretary of State role

“America’s Mayor” will finally shatter the glass ceiling for deranged maniacs who regularly lose their cool in public, yell angrily for hours, and say absolutely whatever pops into their psychotic brain, whenever they damn well please, with total disregard for basic societal norms or widely-agreed upon rules of human decency. It going to be pretty historic.

Trump’s cabinet shaping up nicely (We’re going to die)

Steve Bannon, who looks a bit like a serial killer in this picture, but is actually just a white supremacist, will now be senior counselor to the President of the United States. This is actually happening.

Trump to govern “total disaster of a country”

The long-awaited revolution against the old, wealthy, white, political and corporate elite is finally underway, led by the old, wealthy, white political and corporate elite.

Letters to the Editor: Why I’m Voting for Trump

But what are Trump’s supporters saying? Only one way to find out since you invariably don’t have any very angry and undoubtedly very white males nearby you to ask at the moment: open some of the letters they send us.

The Daily Autocrat endorses both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for a shared Presidency, obviously

Make no mistake about it–this publication believes very strongly in democracy, freedom, liberty, the Constitution of the United States, and, of course, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

3 tips for making your meeting with the Pakistani Taliban a success

Planning to meet the Pakistani Taliban for peace talks this week? Here are some helpful tips for making the meeting as productive and inclusive as possible.

In State of the Union, Obama fails to recognize Egypt’s admirable work promoting extremism

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Egypt’s reluctant leader, did not get any credit from Obama for his work on eliminating all political outlets for Islamists in the country–forcing them to take up an armed struggle instead. Really terrific work, Sisi. Keep it up!

[VIDEO] Dennis Rodman singing “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un confirms the two are dating

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un may be dating.

[VIDEO] Dennis Rodman finally has meltdown in North Korea

It is slowly becoming clear that Dennis Rodman may be too crazy for North Korea.

Kerry’s acknowledgement that Iran could play role in Syria talks supported by fact that Iran already plays role in Syria

No need to commit to anything so groundbreaking this early on in what has effectively become a regional war, increasingly dragging in neighboring Lebanon and Iraq.

Saudi-backed government of Bahrain surprised rebels are backed by Iran

Interestingly, the Bahraini government has used abundant support from neighboring Saudi Arabia in order to quash any kind of democratic opposition at all, thereby fueling the very violent resistance that Iran is now allegedly supporting. It’s hilarious!

[VIDEO] American forgotten by U.S. government in Pakistan only now realizing he was forgotten

In a video recently released by Pakistani media, Warren Weinstein, an American kidnapped in Lahore, Pakistan by al Qaeda, has finally realized that his former employer, the U.S. government, has forgotten about him. Wait, who? Let’s move on. Best of luck, Mr. Weinstein. Wait, who?

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