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An idiot’s guide to federal fraud indictments

With the advent of Supreme Court rulings such as Citizens United, precedents that money equals political speech, or ridiculous assertions that corporations are people; funnelling campaign donations into your back pocket in exchange for you own wholesale whoredom has never been easier.

Right-wing CEOs lead really unhip and scary get-out-the-vote campaign

See if you can discern for yourself who they might be contributing to, and ask yourself how you might feel were you to see such comments on, for instance, a company newsletter or, say, a letter sent directly to you from your boss…

Is Paul Ryan a scumbag or do I not properly understand the definition of the word ‘scumbag’?

Whether you believe in the existence of God or Satan or not, the existence of Paul Ryan is much harder to dispute.

The bank, the thief, his president, and their lawyers

I had been sat around chain-smoking trying to work out exactly what kind of weird cocktail of drugs it would take for me to view Obama or Romney’s websites’ with anything other than cynicism and disdain when, all of a sudden, a much more interesting story began to unfold.

Mitt Romney: More financially successful than you, but also a bit more politically bankrupt

So it was that the king of rats, Newt Gingrich, left his under-financed sewer on Tuesday to give his first press conference since he fired half of his staff, and announced the rest of his campaign would be run via Facebook, Twitter, or Chat Roulette, I forget exactly which.

Santorum reads own eulogy, Fox News dances on grave

Rick Santorum aborts after 20 weeks.

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