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A night at the fights

Politics and sports often intertwine. The Daily Autocrat ventured into the world of sports on September 8, 2017.

FACT CHECK: Both candidates lied the entire time about everything

Both Obama and Romney lied throughout the entire debate, the entire time, about everything. They did this all in Spanish to throw the audience off.

Manny Pacquiao would be a great dictator

Considering his burgeoning political career, not to mention his ability to earn upwards of $20 million per fight, Mr. Pacquiao’s prospects for becoming a corrupt and drunk-with-power madman look promising.

Marlins manager attracted to powerful Cuban man

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has apologized for a recent Time magazine interview during which he claimed that he “loves” Fidel Castro.

Kim Jong-il: the greatest sportsman ever

For more reasons than I care to mention, Mr. Kim Jong-il deserves to be recognized as the greatest sportsman of his generation. Oh, okay, I’ll mention a few.

Chavez to moonlight as owner of Team Venezuela

If athletes don’t think the new legislation gives Chavez the well-deserved right to dictate the future of his country’s elite athletes, then perhaps they should go ahead and try to open their own state-run sports funds to compete with his.

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