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Is it just me or does this junta in Mali have no idea what it’s doing?

Sanctions, Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo. That is what you get for being snarky–and, of course, for overthrowing the democratically-elected government of Mali.

Mitt Romney: A comedian at heart

If the former governor can’t get a laugh out of you–well, then you may either be a compassionate person with a functioning brain, or you may not actually be listening to a single word he’s saying.

Pope attempts to bring Christianity to Latin America

These days, the Catholic Church is having a hard time finding fans in a Latin America that is growing more and more independent of archaic dogma. Now if we could only do something about Alabama.

Diplomacy might be working on Iran, if anyone cares

While many people remain skeptical about the upcoming round of talks–and by many people, I mean Israel–, a recent interview with Mohammad Javad Larijani, who serves as Secretary-General of Iran’s Human Rights Council and key foreign policy advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, has revealed that Iran is seriously willing to negotiate.

Thailand seeks right balance for its King and queens

Not only is he the world’s longest reigning monarch and richest monarch (yes, at $30 billion he’s richer than the Saudi and Brunei boys and nearly 70 times richer than Britain’s QE2), but Thais really like him.

With Illinois victory, Romney one step closer to hilarious defeat in November

Mitt Romney’s decisive win in Tuesday’s Illinois primary has greatly strengthened his position among the pack of Republicans clamoring to lose to Obama in what is sure to be a ridiculously embarrassing general election.

Does Obama’s March Madness bracket mirror his presidency? (yes)

Obama has made some strides in his first term as president just as he’s shown some flashes of competency and smarts in his choosing of the winners of NCAA Basketball games. But he’s also been too safe with many of his decisions and hasn’t lived up to the ambitious ideals of change he inspired in the people when he was elected in 2008.

Being able to nuke every country 49 times is the best containment strategy

Since President Obama has taken containment off the “all options are on the table” table, the question of deterring a nuclear-armed Iran has rarely been addressed. Recently, though, there have been some attempts to generate an informed policy debate about the option.

Is “warlordism” an overlooked alternative for Somalia?

If Al-Shabaab can really be marginalized, then maybe Somalia could find some new benevolent warlords to take over those bits of the country that haven’t already split off to form Puntland and Somaliland.

After massacre, Panetta reminds Afghans there are plenty of other reasons to hate America

It might be nice if the government officials who orchestrated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would stand trial alongside the U.S. soldier they so readily sent to fight in the first place.

99.99% chance that The Atlantic’s ‘Iran War Clock’ is idiotic

It is immensely disappointing that at least one person on the staff of The Atlantic thought it would be a good idea to launch something as ridiculous (and useless) as the ‘Iran War Clock’ Project.

In Iran, Supreme Leader goes from holding almost-near-absolute power to holding near-absolute power

Apart from marginal increases in expediency in decision-making processes, the elections have changed nothing.

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