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North Korea

[VIDEO] Dennis Rodman singing “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un confirms the two are dating

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un may be dating.

[VIDEO] Dennis Rodman finally has meltdown in North Korea

It is slowly becoming clear that Dennis Rodman may be too crazy for North Korea.

In dramatic show of restraint, North Korea publicly executes only 80 people for watching soap operas

The recent episode signals a welcome change of direction from the days in 2012 when the regime would very creatively use a “mortar firing squad” in order to blow prisoners to pieces via artillery shell and stands in stark contrast to last year’s public execution of Kim Jong Un’s own ex-girlfriend, who was machine-gunned down in front of her family.

Kim Jong Un awarded economics PhD for country’s groundbreaking work in the area of not having an economy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was awarded an honorary doctorate in economics by a Malaysian university for his extensive work in maintaining the total absence of a national economy of any kind at all whatsoever.

Plump 20-something North Korean kid actually pretty goddamn scary, Americans agree

Given that North Korea has nuclear weapons, but no feasible way of delivering them to potential targets, it might seem weird to you that a recent poll found that 47 percent of Americans believe that Pyongyang is capable of launching a nuclear missile that can hit the United States, and another 10 percent said they didn’t know.

North Korea video scary

This video is scary, with a scary voice over scary music. “We are crazy,” the narrator tells viewers. “Be very scared. We are nuts.”

WEEK IN AUTOCRACY: 14-20 Oct 2012

In case you were wondering what sort of psychopath has nothing better to do than to institute laws that prevent low-income people from receiving contraception, here’s a clue: she’s rich, white, Republican, hates Mexicans, and should be given the electric chair.

For fucksake, North Korea can’t even launch a missile?

The one thing the country was supposed to be good at–and it failed miserably. There wasn’t even any threat to people or land! Pathetic–even for someone unable to see his genitals in the shower.

Kim Jong-il: the greatest sportsman ever

For more reasons than I care to mention, Mr. Kim Jong-il deserves to be recognized as the greatest sportsman of his generation. Oh, okay, I’ll mention a few.

Kim Jong-un not dead, just sleeping, say frantic North Korean generals

Rumors that Kim Jong-un is dead aren’t true, but the rumor about him being one sick bastard is spot on.

In hilarious turn of events, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal now in the hands of this adorable bastard

Nuclear war never looked quite so cute, pudgy, and reckless.

Heaven great, Kim Jong-il reports from hell

“Once I get comfortable and settled in I will have a great time here in heaven–oh my God, so much pain, such excruciating pain,” the late dictator said Sunday.

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