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[VIDEO] American forgotten by U.S. government in Pakistan only now realizing he was forgotten

In a video recently released by Pakistani media, Warren Weinstein, an American kidnapped in Lahore, Pakistan by al Qaeda, has finally realized that his former employer, the U.S. government, has forgotten about him. Wait, who? Let’s move on. Best of luck, Mr. Weinstein. Wait, who?

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Blood of senior Haqqani leader shot dead in Pakistan ruins local hopscotch court

Nasiruddin Haqqani, the chief fundraiser for the Haqqani network–best known for its work on terrorizing neighboring Afghanistan–was shot dead today in Islamabad as the result of an alleged family dispute. Until now, he had apparently been operating at ease in the Pakistani capital–which, apart from serving as a haven for terrorists, also houses the government of Pakistan, which, of course, receives about $1 billion annually from the U.S. explicitly to fight terrorism. 

Lack of transparency plagues selection process for new Pakistani Taliban leader

The benefits of healthy governance are aplenty and the Pakistani Taliban ignores them at its own peril.

In ridiculously confusing meeting, Pakistani PM and Obama agree to continue pretending U.S. isn’t violating Pakistan’s sovereignty and Pakistan doesn’t support it doing so

President Obama met with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan last week to discuss ways in which the United States would continue to flagrantly violate Pakistani sovereignty with drone strikes while Pakistani government officials tacitly support them. The discussion was a bit confusing for both sides.

Pakistani candidate shows human side by falling on head [VIDEO]

Pakistani politician Imran Khan fell 14 feet head-first from a makeshift lift today, proving to all of his supporters that he is just like them–or specifically that he is just like those among them who regularly fall 14 feet head-first from makeshift lifts.

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile in latest reminder that we’re all screwed

You will be the first person that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan will think of once they steal a nuclear weapon from the Pakistani government, which, unfortunately for you, is perpetually on the brink of collapse.

U.S. drone crashes into parked car after 2am Taco Bell run

Following this week’s drone crash in the island nation of Seychelles and the publicized capture of a drone in Iran, an unarmed MQ-9 drone was reported to have hit a parked car on the way out of a Taco Bell parking lot in West Covina, California at 2:00am early Tuesday morning. The incident has led many to conclude that the drones are somewhere in their late teens to early 20s.

Even bin Laden unaware bin Laden was in Pakistan

Osama bin Laden himself also had absolutely no idea he was in Pakistan–even as he was being shot to death by Navy SEAL commandos early last Monday morning–something that generally tends to increase one’s awareness of his or her surroundings.

Bin Laden’s death doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still live in constant fear for our lives

The past decade has been incredibly stressful for me, as I have been in a ceaseless panic, always looking over my shoulder, wondering when exactly my subway car was going to be ripped…

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