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WEEK IN AUTOCRACY: 14-20 Oct 2012

In case you were wondering what sort of psychopath has nothing better to do than to institute laws that prevent low-income people from receiving contraception, here’s a clue: she’s rich, white, Republican, hates Mexicans, and should be given the electric chair.

WEEK IN AUTOCRACY, 30 Sept – 6 Oct 2012

“You’re a gigantic loser, wimp, and pussy,” Mitt Romney informed President Obama Wednesday night before walking over to the president’s podium and urinating all over his shoes.

Israeli PM Netanyahu deciding which speech about Iran being imminent threat to reuse at UN this year

“Should I use the speech about Iran attacking us at any minute from 2009 or 2011?” Netanyahu asked his aides before realizing that the speech he gave in 2011 was actually the same as the one in 2009.

Best way to end massacre in Syria is to stop thinking about it

If you really–and I mean REALLY–want the massacre to end in Syria, just don’t pay attention anymore. Pick up a book or something. Or watch a movie.

Surprisingly, protests in Bahrain continue despite the U.S. not paying attention [VIDEO]

Security forces in Bahrain appear to be under the impression that if everything is covered up in tear gas, it simply isn’t there anymore.

Iran’s female ninjas launch attack on Reuters

Hell hath no fury as 3,000 ninja women scorned.

To discuss horrific violence in Syria, Arab League meets amidst horrific violence in Iraq

In order to discuss the deteriorating situation in Syria, Arab League officials this week held a meeting amidst a deteriorating situation in Iraq, where just days before bombs struck some 18 towns and cities, killing 50 people.

Maryam al-Khawaja on the protests in Bahrain

Maryam al-Khawaja, Head of Foreign Relations for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, talks to The Daily Autocrat about the deteriorating situation in Bahrain the options facing the country at this critical moment.

New Santorum ad rightly compares Ahmadinejad to Obama [VIDEO]

Finally, someone has the courage to say what we’ve all been thinking: Ahmadinejad is an inspirational, intellectual, and courageous leader with the strength and determination needed to build a better future for our country.

Diplomacy might be working on Iran, if anyone cares

While many people remain skeptical about the upcoming round of talks–and by many people, I mean Israel–, a recent interview with Mohammad Javad Larijani, who serves as Secretary-General of Iran’s Human Rights Council and key foreign policy advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, has revealed that Iran is seriously willing to negotiate.

Government-sponsored oppression party continues in Bahrain [Video]

The government of Bahrain continues to engage protesters in delightful little games throughout the country. It’s unclear what the people of Bahrain are complaining about.

Syrian rebels need cute child star for their own YouTube video

To succeed, the Free Syrian Army needs an adorable kid / handsome white guy combo to star in a viral video promoting its cause. It would be just the shot in the arm these rebels need, and would more than make up for the loss of Homs earlier this month. The army may not have guns or money or military discipline but, surely someone can learn Final Cut Pro.

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