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Yemen votes for country’s next dictator

Yemenis went to polling stations on Tuesday to vote out President Ali Abdullah Saleh and vote in the country’s next dictator, who will take office under the guise of being democratic and then within days become worse than his predecessor.

US Government: "We will not turn a blind eye to atrocities in Syria; only in Yemen and Bahrain"

In Geneva last week, a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council debated a resolution drafted by the United States condemning the crackdown in Syria. “To the Syrian government, we are…

In Yemen, government hoping incredibly crappy economy will calm protesters

With a mix of dwindling oil reserves and falling production (oil exports are the government’s major source of revenue), a plummeting currency, an unemployment rate of over 40%, and prohibitively high food prices,…

Saleh's latest proposal to opposition allows for summer sublet in Yemen's presidential palace

President Ali Abdullah Saleh, our man in Yemen, has tried over and over again to do what is in the best interest of the country–the word “interest” being broadly defined, of course, to…

An exclusive interview with Yemen’s President, Ali Abdullah Saleh

SANA’A, Yemen – Despite having only been around since 1978, President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh is now being asked to prematurely leave his post. As part of its new interview series, ”…

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