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3 tips for making your meeting with the Pakistani Taliban a success

Planning to meet the Pakistani Taliban for peace talks this week? Here are some helpful tips for making the meeting as productive and inclusive as possible.

As hurricane approaches, candidates ask citizens to provide ideas on how best to politicize disaster

“I ask all Americans to please pay attention to evacuation notices and to think long and hard about the best way my campaign can potentially blame the president for this disaster,” Mitt Romney said Monday as a hurricane gained strength along the East Coast.

[Debate Coverage] Romney to Obama: “I will bring physical harm to your family if you win”

Mitt Romney started off Tuesday night’s debate with what appeared to be a threat to the president’s family. “I’m not saying I will hurt you, but what I am saying is that you and your family will be in the hospital with serious injuries if you win this election, Mr. President,” Romney declared before criticizing the president’s foreign policy agenda.

EXCLUSIVE: The Daily Autocrat endorses Mit Tromney for President of the United States

While Tromney’s stance on entitlement reform is still unclear due to the fact that he doesn’t know what it is, this newspaper firmly believes that he can bring a much-needed change to the toxic, hyper-partisan environment in Washington.

Herman Cain campaign to strictly target other sexual deviants

Whether you have cheated on your wife for over a decade, groped numerous men, women, boys, or girls in crowded subways or playgrounds, or have frequented lewd internet chat rooms late at night while your family was watching television in the next room, I’m your candidate,” Cain said at a press conference Tuesday evening.

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