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French objection to Iran deal could have been prevented had U.S. just invaded Syria, as France had wanted

The French negotiation team, led by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, objected to

French objections to an interim agreement with Iran over its nuclear program could have been avoided if the United States had simply bombed and then promptly invaded Syria months ago, as France would have liked. Additionally, it should be pointed out that, had the U.S. went to war with Syria as France demanded at the time, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (pictured above) could have saved himself the rather exorbitant cost of a flight to Geneva to attend this weekend’s talks. That money could then have been put toward a much nicer holiday office party at the Foreign Ministry this year.

Diplomatic efforts to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program fell short Saturday in part due to French insistence that Iran suspend work on its heavy-water reactor–which, once construction was complete, will produce plutonium.

Although a requirement that Iran suspend work on its heavy-water reactor is rather unnecessary and unhelpful since construction on the facility hasn’t even finished yet–and so, as experts have aptly pointed out, actually poses more of a long-term proliferation risk–we could have easily avoided the talks altogether had the United States simply listened to France in August 2013 and gone ahead and attacked Syria, eventually getting totally bogged down in a sectarian-based civil war, which of course would then necessitate the occupation of the country, generating a prolonged, disastrous catastrophe that really would have amounted to a full-blown proxy war between the United States and Iran, all the while empowering Al Qaeda’s fighters in the region and further destabilizing regional players like Lebanon, and more dangerously, Iraq.

As we know, of course, French president Francois Hollande was at one point merely hours away from launching his own strikes in Syria before the United States changed course. Had France succeeded in getting the United States to attack Syria–as France had recently done itself in Mali–there would have been no talks at all this weekend because let’s be honest, a war in the Middle East between the United States and Iran would have probably complicated manners just a tad. A simple, U.S.-led war in Syria would have all but eliminated the possibility of talks with Iran in the first place. On the bright side, though, it would have also made France’s eventual scuttling of the talks impossible, which also would have been nice.

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