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Kerry’s acknowledgement that Iran could play role in Syria talks supported by fact that Iran already plays role in Syria

Syria and Iran are rather near each other, it would appear.

Syria and Iran are rather near each other, it would appear.

Does the honorable John Kerry have a map near him? Some get a map out for this poor guy! Surely the man has some sort of assistant around here with a map of some sort that we can lay out and examine together. No map? Okay, okay, well someone had better explain to Secretary Kerry that Syria is just around the corner from Iran, which has long been supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad as it continues, more than 3 years down the road, with this whole civil war thing. What’s that? He already knows? Well, maybe they should be included at the table to discuss a solution to the war? What’s that? Oh, he says that “It may be that there are ways that could happen.” Okay, well, that’s great too. No need to commit to anything so groundbreaking this early on in what has effectively become a regional war, increasingly dragging in neighboring Lebanon and Iraq.

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