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Libyan government reveals plan to replace Qaddafi with Qaddafi

"The time has come for Qaddafi to step aside and make room for Qaddafi," Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi announced Monday.

It is being reported that two of Colonel Qaddafi’s seven sons, Seif and Saadi–and, now, keep in mind that this implies that at some point in the past the colonel convinced a woman to have sex with him–may now be circulating a proposal to shift power away from Colonel Qaddafi to his slightly better dressed son, Seif, who will oversee a “democratic transition,” from undemocratic rule under the Qaddafi family to continued undemocratic rule under the Qaddafi family. Seif explained: “There is no better person to oversee the very democratic transition from the overbearing, violent, and merciless rule of the Qaddafi family to continued undemocratic nightmarish rule by the Qaddafi family than Qaddafi. I’m talking about me. I really don’t know of a clearer way to phrase it.”

The government has assured the Libyan people that if they are not satisfied with the next Qaddafi, they can try another one, and then another one if that doesn’t work. “There are seven of these sick bastards awaiting the opportunity to lead this glorious country. We’ll keep transitioning until we get it right, ” one government official explained.  A competing proposal is also reportedly making rounds that would have a different Qaddafi in power each day of the week, on a rotating basis, with a surprise visit from the colonel once a month, and occasional days when absolutely no one is in charge.

"He's right behind me, isn't he?" Secretary Clinton asked halfway through her 10 minute gossiping session about Mutassim Qaddafi.

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