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Putin may have brutally murdered a zoo animal in 2008 [VIDEO]

In 2008, Putin was alleged to have captured a tiger in the wild during a videotaped expedition. According to The Guardian, the animal he had shot with a tranquilizer was none other than Serga, a tiger from a nearby zoo who was “tranquillized, placed in a snare, and forced to lie in wait,” for Putin’s arrival. As the video above shows, Putin kissed Serga in front of his cameramen, placed a satellite tracking device on it, and let her return to the wild. The wild, of course, was the zoo, where according to The Guardian after three days she ended up dying due to a tranquilizer overdose (“Putin’s fabled tiger encounter was PR stunt, say environmentalists,” The Guardian). Daniel Sandford, Moscow correspondent for BBC News has notified The Daily Autocrat that, in actuality, the tiger is “alive and well” according to a Russian blog (“News from the Life of the Big Cats,” BIGCATS.RU internet-project). Well worth it, Putin. What a terrific video! Three cheers for the tiger!

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