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Qaddafi to protesters: "Has it already been 42 years? Oh how time passes when you are rich and out of your mind."

Say it ain’t so. As it turns out, Qaddafi is an autocrat–something you would not have known by the sheer eloquence he exhibited at the UN in 2009, nor from his face, which is covered in the delicate skin of a baby (reptile). Now, it seems that a lot of Libyans don’t like him–something I don’t really trust because he’s been in power for 42 years, so most of the population really has no comparison and thus doesn’t possess enough authority on the subject. I can’t tell you the pizza I’m eating is terrible unless I’ve tasted other pizza, am I right? So anyhow, pizza and Colonel Muammar Qaddafi; generally the same thing, but to be fair the government in the country isn’t really entirely run by him–there are hardworking committees and people’s congresses making sure that protests stay prohibited and trade unions are banned– so the whole thing is really more like a calzone.


Two men and a baby

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