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Qaddafi’s wife demands rotting corpse of former dictator for who knows what sort of sick, sexual thing

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In the latest display of her shameless wantonness, Safia Farkash has demanded that her former lover’s rotting corpse be presented to her immediately.

Safia Farkash, the widow of Libya’s deposed–then tortured, then brutally murdered (in the middle of the day)–leader, Muammar Qaddafi, has called on the UN and EU to assist in recovering her husband’s body, which had been very thoughtfully buried in a “secret location” following his much-celebrated public, extra-judicial execution in two years ago (yes, of course it’s on YouTube; glad you asked).

Farkash did not specify whether obtaining the body would fully satisfy a long-held twisted sexual fantasy she has held for 2-year-old rotting corpses, or, alternatively, whether her seemingly boundless lust for human remains would necessitate the continued delivery of more human remains well into the future. Anyhow, she’s obviously some sort of sicko.

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