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NEWS BRIEF: Obama apologizes to Americans who are losing shitty, substandard insurance plans

The president has yet to apologize to those Americans who, over the years, have been impacted negatively by laws banning child labor, mandating the use of seat belts, and setting a health and safety code for establishments serving food.

In ridiculously confusing meeting, Pakistani PM and Obama agree to continue pretending U.S. isn’t violating Pakistan’s sovereignty and Pakistan doesn’t support it doing so

President Obama met with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan last week to discuss ways in which the United States would continue to flagrantly violate Pakistani sovereignty with drone strikes while Pakistani government officials tacitly support them. The discussion was a bit confusing for both sides.

Developments in Egypt raise suspicions that coup may have recently occurred

Amidst fierce street battles, protests, and a growing number of deaths in Egypt, concern is said to be growing in U.S. policy circles that the July 3 coup that removed democratically-elected President Mohammad Morsi from power was a coup and not in fact a new and innovative type of election, as President Obama had originally believed.

WEEK IN AUTOCRACY: 14-20 Oct 2012

In case you were wondering what sort of psychopath has nothing better to do than to institute laws that prevent low-income people from receiving contraception, here’s a clue: she’s rich, white, Republican, hates Mexicans, and should be given the electric chair.

Poll: Americans care less about immigration reform, more about remake of “RoboCop”

While voters are by and large indifferent to healthcare and tired with talk of immigration policy, many have warmed up to the idea of remaking the 1987 film RoboCop

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