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Trump to govern “total disaster of a country”


Donald J. Trump, the actual President of the United States.

“I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.” — President-elect Donald J. Trump, 1990 Playboy Interview

The United States of America has been a complete and utter disaster. At the very least, we can all agree with Donald J. Trump on the usage of that specific word–disaster–over and over again, and then a few times again, over and over and over, repeatedly, in describing our nation, its policies, its military, and its political leaders. Can’t we?

Yes, for too long, we have been getting raked over the ol’ coals by politicians in Washington. Politicians–you know, those people sitting in Congress, who we elect. Those guys. First we go out and vote, electing them, and then they screw us. And then they are up for election again, and of course we go and vote for them again. But then they screw us again. It’s preposterous. Who are these monsters, anyhow–having us take the clear steps needed to elect them, again and again, like this–and then going off and screwing us, and then turning back around and having us vote for them again–which, of course, we do. It’s like we have guns held to our heads in this situation, or something, only we don’t, at all. How could they do this to us?

If only there were a way to effectively prevent this situation from taking place. I’m trying to think of a way. What could it be? Well, can’t think of anything, so how about we go and vote for them again, but then this time also vote for someone in the Executive Branch who will stop them. “Them” being the people we have just voted into office, over and over again. Someone needs to stop them.

Donald J. Trump is just the undeniably very established, anti-establishment, white 70-year-old working class-serving billionaire this utter disaster of a country needs to “drain” the Washington swamp of all the politicians sitting around Congress screwing us after somehow making their way there, time and time again, while we sit back minding our own business / voting for them.

As anti-establishment as Trump is, the team around him is even more impressive. Nothing says revolutionary quite like Mike Pence, the soon-to-be Vice President, who is leading the transition team. Yes, yes, he spent six terms in Congress before then becoming Governor of Indiana in 2013, but can all that time in government really even be considered establishment, technically?

And, of course, Newt Gingrich–a Vice Chair on the transition team–is another terrifying example of just how totally in for it the ol’ establishment is now. We’re just fortunate that he’s finally ready to  take the establishment head on, having previously served in the House of Representatives for 20 years. Only 20. That’s it. He’s 73 after all–you can’t expect someone of his age to not have served in Congress for two decades, including as Speaker of the House. He’s your standard 73-year-old anti-establishment former Speaker of the House, that’s all.

Rebel soldier Newt Gingrich is nothing compared to another transition team Vice Chair: 72-year-old Rudy Giuliani. Establishment, watch out! If serving as a two-term mayor of New York City doesn’t scream anti-establishment, I just don’t know what to tell you.

Finally, the long-awaited revolution against the old, wealthy, white, political and corporate elite is underway, led by the old, wealthy, white political and corporate elite.

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