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Trump’s cabinet shaping up nicely (We’re going to die)

Steve Bannon, who looks a bit like a serial killer in this picture, but is actually just a white supremacist, will be senior counsel to the President of the United States. That is actually happening.

Steve Bannon, who looks a bit like a serial killer in this picture, but is actually just a white supremacist, will now be senior counselor to the President of the United States. This is actually happening.

It’s nice to see John Bolton up and at ’em. One might have thought that the whole being-a-key-architect-of-the-Iraq War-“thing” would have kept the man down, but by the grace of God he has returned, totally unhinged, and is up for the position of Secretary of State under President-elect Donald J. Trump, the New York billionaire with no prior experience in government office, who became President of the United States last week when the American people decided once and for all that they’d basically had enough with not openly facing the risk of nuclear war on a daily basis.

It would, after all, seem rather unfair to not grant the role of Secretary of State to a man who actively spread claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction prior to our 2003 invasion of that country and the subsequent unraveling of the entire region. It would be almost just as unjust to not make former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson the new Education Secretary, which again might be occurring at this very moment. Yes, Ben Carson believes that the Egyptian pyramids were built to store grain (and not to function as the tombs of Pharaohs). And yes he once said that Obamacare is worse than slavery (it isn’t)–but isn’t this exact type of reckless open-mindedness to historical facts exactly what we want to teach our children, right before they are all incinerated in a nuclear blast?

Anyhow, it seems like the editorial team here is getting somewhat off track, fixating on the wild-eyed John Bolton–who is definitely not a war criminal, so we hope the reader wasn’t thinking that–merely because he was one of the principal proponents of the weapons of mass destruction claims that led us into the  invasion of Iraq, or that he’s dangerous just because he has advocated for preemptive nuclear strikes against Iran. He’s just anti-establishment, that’s all–if you don’t count his nearly 30 years in some form of leading government position, of course. Try not to count that, if you can avoid it.

And, if you really can’t avoid it, then at least give it a try on Newt Gingrich (battling John Bolton to head the State Department), who is basically brand new to the whole thing if you don’t count his 20-year stint in the House of Representatives. Or Steven Mnunchin, who may lead the Treasury Department in the Trump White House. He’s just another former Goldman Sachs executive fighting on behalf of the average American worker. Don’t act like you haven’t seen something like that before.

All of that almost makes it sound a bit like the entire cabinet is going to be comprised of rather established individuals, despite campaign pledges otherwise. We hope it doesn’t, of course–but it might. Alas, there are some true, free-spirited rebels out there, though, in case the reader is close to losing all faith in the promises of a billionaire real estate mogul/reality TV star.

Myron Ebell, who denies that humans play a role in global warming, and so is naturally on the short list to head the Environmental Protection Agency, would seem to fit the bill nicely. There’s nothing more anti-establishment than denying climate change, after all. And, then there’s Steve Bannon, Senior Counselor to the president, who is a White nationalist. If it’s one thing the establishment isn’t, it’s white nationalist.

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