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Unlimited term needed for next president to carry out full agenda

As it stands now, the next president will lack the infinite amount of time needed to carry out his agenda, jail dissidents, and establish total control over the country’s governing apparatus. In failing to allow for absolute and indefinite domination of the executive branch over the state, the current system goes against everything our Founding Fathers so firmly believed in.

Perhaps more so now than at any other time in its history,  the United States faces a seriously complex set of problems that seem beyond the ability of its lawmakers to fully comprehend. It is hardly surprising, then, that at this moment voters across the country are asking themselves whether either candidate will even be able to provide the solutions needed to begin digging us out of the mess we find ourselves in. By offering an official endorsement to Mitchell (“Mit”) Tromney, an Asian guy with blond hair (“The Daily Autocrat officially endorses Mit Tromney, Sept 23, 2012), this newspaper, a celebrated bipartisan publication in its own right, has lent its support to a candidate that can offer fresh, zany ideas and who has the fashion sense and pure naivete needed to recklessly tackle the issue’s dangerously high levels of debt and debilitating political stasis. However, because at this stage it looks as if Mit Tromney is unlikely to win the presidency, it is this newspaper’s recommendation that the next president, whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, be given the full set of tools needed to put this great nation back on the path to prosperity and unfettered access to the world’s resources.

Few voters are aware that, as originally constructed, the U.S. Constitution never actually mandated a fixed term limit for the presidency. In fact, such a limit was only established with the introduction of the 22nd Amendment in 1947. In can hardly be assumed that President Obama had enough time to turn around the economy in a measly four years, and anyone–Democrat or Republican–will readily admit that it will be difficult for the next administration to make much progress in this area unless it has the latitude necessary to enact policies to get people back to work. Our Founding Fathers understood that term limits would be dangerous, effectively keeping the president in check and preventing any serious leader from taking power and keeping it indefinitely. It is time to honor their original wishes and abolish the 22nd Amendment, allowing for the establishment of a strong-willed, ruthless, and shrewd executive branch, unhindered by the whims of the electorate and left free to govern without restraint, forever, until the leader dies or is overthrown by a disloyal military commander.

A security apparatus that can ensure the presence of a loyal bureaucracy and nonexistent opposition–while creating the space needed for the president to silently quash dissent among lawmakers, compel other branches of government to fall in line, and, yes, when necessary, jail or execute those who threaten to derail efforts to pursue the agenda at hand–will continue to be a pipe dream as long as limits on presidential terms are in place. It is high time we return this debate to its rightful place in the national conversation so that the American people can have a leader willing and able to stick around until the strange, nightmarish end that awaits us no matter what.

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